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I breathe life into your words.

Who Is This Guy?

Steven Mittler has been working in a vocal booth since 1980. From audiobooks, animation to documentaries, e-learning, movies, and videogames; Steven Mittler has perfomed in practically every aspect of voiceover.

Vocal Demonstrations

The Swiss Army Knife of voiceovers. Flexible, Durable, Versatile. Custom auditions are always free of charge.

Audiobook - 3 characters

Audiobook - fiction

Audiobook - non-fiction

Characters - multiple / comedic




Friendly / Helpful

Exasperated / Hopeless

On Hold Messaging

Rough 'n Ready



Self Help

Smooth / Smoky / Jazzy


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People Love Working With Steven

He took my direction very well, was flexible, collaborative and even helped improve a few lines on the fly. I would definitely work with him again and recommend him.

Susan Nation


Hop To It Productions Inc.

He was exceptional to work with, took direction easily, and I got exactly the performance I wanted. He will be my first choice for all future projects.

T. Blackmore


I’ve been recommending Steven Mittler for audio books ever since hearing mine, and will continue to do so.

Vanessa Finaughty


Crimson Rain

The guy over-delivers, and his commitment to excellence and perfection is what I love most about him. I highly recommend Steven if you want a job done perfectly.

Michael Lee


How to Be An Expert Persuader

Click here to listen to Steven's demos.

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What Steven Can Do For You

Audio Books

Music may be provided as long as it is within the Public Domain. You may also choose to pay extra for unique music provided by one of our musical composers / producers.


10, 15, 30, 60 second commercials advertising your business or service. These are dry reads without sound effects or music. SFX and music can be provided at an additional fee.

Copy Writing

Stop struggling with your copy. Let us help. Steven's read and written thousands of scripts. Put his experience to use for you.


Send us your lossless sound files and we will edit them for you. We ask that you not send sound files of a proprietary nature (meaning the sound file can only be opened with a specific program such as Cubase or SoundForge). Audiobooks, commercials, e-learning modules, whatever you have that you don't have the time or the inclination to edit; send them along and we'll take care of them.

E-Learning Modules

Internet Video

Demonstrate to your audience that you are professional. Have us provide the sound for your internet videos.

Quality Assurance

We'll listen to your audio production to make sure you haven't missed any glitches. Save face and ensure your audio productions are of a superior, professional quality.

Speech Writing

Steven is an award-winning public speaker. He can help you craft a memorable speech. Steven will even help you overcome your nerves and help you with your delivery.

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Free Audio Book

This is the complete twenty minute audio production of Vanessa Finaughty's Crimson Rain. It was voiced, edited, and mastered by Steven in his own studio.

They say the time will come for the darkened sky to violate our Earth with her tears of blood. The legend foretells of a blood-thirsty race being born from these tears; Mother Nature’s punishment for our evil deeds. They say that day will come when mankind’s thirst for the blood of his own consumes him. They say that day is near.

Steven Mittler created the audio book for my Crimson Rain short story, and chills ran down my spine the first time I listened to it. Steven’s voice was perfect for my character, he achieved all the right tones I’d ‘heard in my head’ as I wrote, and I absolutely love the sound effects that were added, which are excellent visualisation aids and add to the overall enjoyment of my story. There isn’t a thing I don’t like about the result, and my audio book was completed long before I thought it would be, as a bonus! Steven also sent me a ‘bloopers’ audio file, which had me in fits of laughter. Another bonus! Yet another bonus is that the service wasn’t all that expensive, either. I’ve been recommending Steven Mittler for audio books ever since hearing mine, and will continue to do so.

Vanessa Finaughty


Download this to listen to it later by clicking here.

Bloopers and Outtakes

Even seasoned voice actors flub their lines on occasion. Here are the clips that didn't make it into the final recording of Crimson Rain. Suitable for all audiences.

Click on this link to find Steven's voice demos.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Steven?

We do our best to work within your established budget. Barter and trade are always welcome.

Audiobook production ranges from $200 - $300 per finished hour of audio.

Audio editing will run you $65 an hour.

Quality assurance listening and feedback is available at $35 an hour.

These rates are in Canadian Dollars.

Rates for services not listed above are negotiable.

Payment is due upon completion of the project or on pre-arranged dates for ongoing assignments. In some cases you may be able to negotiate for net 30 days. Invoices may be paid via PayPal or by money order. Canadian businesses are expected to use Interac® E-transfer. Clients outside Canada are encouraged to use PayPal or to ensure that their money order is an international, and not a local or postal, one. We do not accept cheques.

Especially large undertakings will require a deposit of 25% to 50% in advance, with the remaining balance due under the normal payment terms of the invoice.

Contact Steven now to discuss your audio requirements.

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