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Welcome to Steven Mittler's Aircheck Archive.

If you are looking for Steven's voiceover demos, please go here.

Steven Mittler spent many years in radio broadcasting. In that time he worked in all aspects of the radio business, with the exception of broadcast engineering. He has been both a morning and an afternoon drive announcer. He has written and produced numerous newscasts and commercials. He has produced two oldies shows: Retrospect - a weekly show and the AVR Jukebox - a daily show. Steven was also a swing announcer; meaning that he would slide in to handle any shifts that needed filling: including the AM and PM drive slots. He even sold radio airtime in Toronto.

Announcing on radio, or being a "disc jockey", was much more complicated when Steven was "on the air". Music was on vinyl. Commercials were on cartridges, or "carts" as they were called. Reels of tape were used everywhere. There was no internet or even computers until the last couple of years of Steven's radio career. It was life on the edge where, if you weren't diligent, you could fall off at any moment.

Below are some short clips from a few of the radio stations Steven has worked for. These are archived here for your amusement and to make Steven cringe. Enjoy.

Doc Stevens - The AVR Jukebox - 1987

Doc Stevens was the moniker Steven adopted for his stint on the AVR Network.

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Jony Stevens - AM58 - 1985

Another radio station, another name. Extro-retro radio voice here.

Tim Danner - CFNO - 1986

This radio station was just being built and was temporarily housed in a mobile home. It was situated on a hill above railroad tracks. Sometimes, when a train thundered past, the needle would jump across the record that was playing.

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Steven Mittler - CFOR - 1991

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Steve Miller - CFLY-FM / Y98 - 1983

When Steven was hired at Y98 he was told that "Mittler" wasn't a "sellable" name and was told to go by "Miller" instead. Thus began the new name at each new radio station. Very early in Steven's career. Cringe-worthy? You bet. That's why it's at the bottom of the page.

Steven Mittler - 780 CBLC - Loyalist College = 1981

The earliest remaining example of Steven's on-air experience. This clip is in bad shape because it started on cassette, then went to reel-to-reel, and finally got digitized over 30 years after its original recording. Reading a commercial live was commonplace in those days. There's one on this clip.